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Composed: Musician's Development Programme - Bemix

Music for Change partnered with Bemix (formerly Skillnet Group) for the second time between 2016 - 2018 on a further development of the Composed project.

The project was called  "Composed: Musicians Development Programme"  and young musicians had  the opportunity to develop skills enabling them to play instruments, compose music, write lyrics, learn how to rehearse as a band and play gigs in the local community. There were opportunities to record their own music at West Track Studios, a community studio hub in the centre of Canterbury. Composed was a high quality music mentoring programme delivered in partnership with Music for Change and drew upon a team of music leaders and supporters with expertise in enabling young people with learning difficulties or autism to discover their own musical talent.

Bemix has specialist sensory music equipment for young musicians with more profound and complex disabilities who might be unable to use more conventional instruments. This enabled any young person to take part in making and performing music on an equal basis. 

Steve Perry, Director of Project Development at Bemix said: "We are thrilled to be awarded this grant. The money will be used to enable young musicians with a wide range of difficulties and disabilities to be an equal part of a thriving local music scene in Canterbury. The participation in music where people play in bands together, write songs together, perform in front of an audience and record their own music, can create lasting connections which, with the right support and guidance, can lead to a fuller and enriched experience of life. This opportunity to achieve will be an empowering experience for all young musicians involved. The impact of this will demonstrate that young people are able to work together to produce and perform music regardless of ability."

Composed: Musicians Development Programme was supported by Youth Music and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.