Artists & Workshops / Sujata Banerjee

Art forms

Storytelling, Dance, Instrumentalists

What she does

  • Classical Indian dance and movement with storytelling - Kathak (form of classical Indian dance)
  • Workshops and performances

Who for

  • Age 3 years and above
  • Youth and Community groups
  • In Service Training
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Residencies
  • Training Events and Conferences


"The performances were magical, I could hardly believe that these were the same awkward children we usually see around school. Many thanks for organising this - it transforms the school and is a unique experience the children (and staff) would not have otherwise".

Danecourt Special School, Kent.


Sujata is a trained Sports Scientist and has developed an innovative teaching style. She is a senior examiner and the Chair of the ISTD South Asian Dance Faculty. Sujata is also the Kathak subject leader at the Centre for Advance Training at the 'gifted and talented' dance programme at Birmingham Dance Exchange. She was the co-founder and the artistic director of Kadam Ltd, an agency that promotes Asian music and dance. Her participatory workshops and storytelling performances illustrate how traditional Indian stories are told through movement and spoken rhythm. By attending sujata's workshop sessions, the participants experience all aspects of performance arts: music/rhythm, drama, movement and facial expressions, as well as the key hand gestures.

In 2019 Sujata will be awarded an MBE for her servies to dance.