Artists & Workshops / Black Voices

Art forms


What they do

  • Afro-Caribbean vocal workshops
  • RnB vocal workshops
  • Gospel vocal workshops
  • Blues vocal workshops

Who for

  • Age 5 years and above
  • Youth and Community groups
  • In Service Training
  • One-off Workshops
  • Residencies
  • Training Events and conferences


"Absolutely fantastic - the children cried as Carol and Celia left - and so did we!"

Ashford Park Primary School, Surrey.


Since 1987, Black Voices has forged its own dynamic way of distilling and re-presenting black music from a Caribbean, black British perspective. From Gospel to spirituals, Caribbean to African, jazz and blues, Black Voices is firmly rooted in music that energises and uplifts, challenges and educates. A leader in their field, Black Voices have presented their own a cappella series with BBC Radio 2, produced albums and directed and performed in several international collaborations (including performances for Nelson Mandela and The Pope, amongst others!).

Black Voices' tutors* are extremely experienced at running education workshops in primary and secondary school settings, which they have been carrying out for the past 10 years. They are also keen to explore ideas for development within the context of the school curriculum.

*A single member of Black Voices takes workshops, although it is possible to have more than one member for an additional fee.