Artists & Workshops / Danny Ladwa

Art forms

Singing, Songwriting

Danny a UK Championship Beatboxer with over 25 years experience. He has toured the world extensively performing at some of the worlds largest festivals and prestigious events from Glastonbury to Goa. He released his debut album 'Unfolding' in 2015 and has worked with top musicians such as Mo Pleasure (worked with Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder to name a few). He has supported some prolific artists (Neneh Cherry, Lee Scratch Perry). This summer (2019) he will be the lead vocalist in a super project alongside Andy Gangadeen on drums (Massive Attack, The Bays, Duran Duran), Clive Deamer on percussion (Portishead, Radiohead), Neil Cowley on keys (Adele, The Brand New Heavies, The Spice Girls) For the last 15 years he has been teaching beatboxing to young people of varying ages and abilities in schools, festivals and various organisations. As an artist he has always engaged in creative projects whether it be a live performance or composing new material. 

So What Exactly Is Beatboxing?

Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion. The term beatbox comes from electronic drum machines from the early 80’s. The drum machines would have buttons, when pressed, would create their assigned sound (ie kick drum, snare etc). Soon, people started replicating the sounds of these drum machines with their mouths. This is where the term ‘Human-Beatbox’ comes from.Nowadays beatboxers not only produce sounds of music and instruments but also a whole array of other sound effects using the voice. 

How Do The Sessions Work?

Danny's  workshops are rooted in the art of beatboxing and workshops longer than 1 hour can also include lyric-writing / song-writing. He can cater workshops for all key stages, so from reception through to Yr 13 and worksh with adults too. Regarding work with groups with disabilities, he has experience working with young people with a range of learning and physical disabilities as well as young people faced with different social issues.
The aim of each workshop is to get every student involved in the creative process and to leave the group with the fundamental tools as well as some important messages. There's a lot of experience to pack into the workshops and he likes to get as much as is manageable, both by himslef and the people he is working with, into them. Danny uses electronic equipment to loop the groups voices to make soundtracks which are unique every time. There is usually a musical ice-breaker activity before getting into other activities where we learn the art-form. Students will learn the 3 fundamental sounds in human beatboxing (The Kick, The Hi-Hat and The Snare sounds) as well as breathing techniques and other impressive sound effects during the workshop.

What Do The Children Gain From The Workshops?

Children attending these workshops will gain a new insight into creating music, one that is instant and unique. The individual and group work builds confidence, self-esteem and opens new creative doors. Children love beatboxing, it's like magic to them. It is always very interesting to see what music we can create using only the creative ideas within the group and our voices.