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Composed: Moving on Up - Skillnet

Music for Change partnered with Skillnet CIC on the Composed: Moving on Up Project from 2013 - 2015. We worked with young people in challenging circumstances, supporting them to gain skills in the planning delivery and leading of music workshops. The workshops took place in local schools, youth centres and with youth community groups.

Lucky Moyo and Kevin Davidson were the mentors on the programme and they were also supported by a trainee music facilitator from Skillnet Group. 

The project engaged young people with learning difficulties and also young people who were at risk of becoming homeless. We worked with approximately 30 young people over 2 years.

The project began in February 2014 and was extremely succesful for both the trainees and young people who took part.

Below is an account from a young participant:

I work with a Porchlight Worker and was introduced to the Music Workshops. At first I felt nervous and had butterflies in my stomach.

I got to know everyone and a little bit about them. After that I made a song and learned how to play the drums. I liked the day and felt independent. I built my confidence and I learned how to lead a group. We all worked as a team and learned how to write a song. At the end of the workshop we all had a portfolio of all our work. We were invited to lots of other workshops in schools and I went to one of those too.

At the end of the day I built lots of confidence up and I got stuck in with everyone. They are looking at getting certificates for us all for attending the workshops! I am also going to look into other music groups I can go to in my Local area.

I have found the workshops very good and would recommend them to other people to go to.