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Creative Arts Residencies

Music for Change offer Creative Arts Residencies in schools and community settings. Week-long residencies are an opportunity for participants to explore the arts, creativity and cultural diversity in greater depth. We can tailor projects to your specific needs, topics and timescale, whether it's a few days, a number of weeks or an ongoing project over a number of months or even years!

Examples of Music for Change Creative Arts Residencies include:


Black Voices

Black Voices

Deep Learning Music Week - Little Ilford School

Music for Change have visited Little Ilford School for their Deep Learning Music Week in both June 2013 and February 2014. Black Voices, Alexander D Great, Yiannis Zaronis and Lucky Moyo each spent a week at the school facilitating songwriting, drumming and singing workshops, which culminated in a performance on the final day at the Trinity Centre in London.

"Dionne from Black Voices was brilliant - she really engaged the young people and I would love to work with her again in the future." Annette Henry, Project, Marketing and Communications Manager, Little Ilford School

"Kevin and Roxanne had really productive sessions; they were able to write songs and share their creations at the end of the day with each other's group - the students were great and thoroughly enjoyed producing a song over a given beat." Carol Pemberton, Black Voices

Dan Simpson, poet

Dan Simpson, poet

Think Equal Project - Little Ilford School

Dan Simpson facilitated poetry workshops for a two day residency at Little Ilford School in June 2013. The project was called 'Think Equal' and focused on the Holocaust, examining racism, discrimination and the aftermath of such trauma. The theme for 2013 was "To be reflective learners (treat others as you would like them to treat you)."

"It went really well - all the students in my class wrote a poem, and we got them all into small groups to perform them to the rest of the year. These were of a really good standard - I felt really proud of the students I worked with as they worked so hard! The teachers' feedback to me was really positive too, and the head of year / head teacher commented that the final showcase was the best they'd had so far!" Dan Simpson

Kenny Mangena

Kenny Mangena

Arts In Education in a Multi-Cultural Society Course - Conway Centre

For a number of years, Music for Change has been involved in the Arts in Education in a Multi-Cultural Society Course at Conway Centre, Anglesey. Kenny Mangena, Lucky Moyo, George Fiawoo and Alexander D Great have all taught on the course which has included themes such as Diversity, Colours of Life and Window on the World.

"The week had gone brilliantly. I was very impressed with Kenny and will book in the future again." Debbie Cottam, Head of Performing and Visual Arts, Conway Centre