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#TheBeat Project - NSPCC

In August 2014, NSPCC held a 2 day music residency to engage young people creatively with music. The project was run by Music for Change artists Kevin Davidson and Yiannis Zaronis. Young people were recruited to the project from an online competition which invited them to submit applications including lyric ideas. Kevin and Yiannis facilitated both days which allowed young people to express their experiences, emotions and opinions through the medium of music. By the end of the second day, an album of music tracks was recorded for NSPCC and Childline. All the young people involved in the project were excited to hear their music and they all conveyed passion about the project. The young people have kept in touch and are already talking about creating another album!

"The session more than met my expectations. The artists were fantastic!  The young people had such a valuable experience and met some great talent to continue working with in the future.  The young people grew over the two days and became more confident." Ria Charlton, Participation Events Officer, NSPCC

Watch this film to see highlights from the project and hear one of the tracks created during the residency: 

NSPCC - #TheBeat Project

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